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Mountains & Mesas

Honey House Distillery

It all started in 1918, Old Vern Culhane saw a honey bee hive in a tree on his land. After building a homemade bee hive, Vern transferred those honeybees in the tree to their new home. Over the years Vern took care of those bees like family, eventually selling his honey to the locals on Florida Mesa here in Durango CO.  This passion for Bees and Honey carried on to his son Danny and Danny’s wife Sheree. Together they carried on Verns legacy building Honeyville, specializing in small batch, hand crafted, Whipped Honeys, Syrups, Jams, and Sauces.

Honey House Distillery was founded in 2012 by Adam Bergal and KEvin Culhane, Danny’s son. These two wanted to write their own page in the Culhane history book by creating a distillery, but not just any distillery. Honey House Distillery would focus on, again, Small Batch, Hand Crafted, Honey Spirits. The Colorado Honey Whiskey, Cinnamon Honey Whiskey, Hex Vodka, and Red Cliffs Spiced Rum all contain Honeyville Wildflower Honey. Found in the Hermosa Valley, you can sample a variety of Honeyville products and Honey House Distillery spirits.